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****Update 7 more slots left~****



Hey all, I’m  gonna be having a 10 slot comic page commissions until the middle of May to reach a goal of $500.

10 slots

$50 for black n white or limited color (no shading)

8 panel limit 

And it can porn if u like 

Kinda got in a bind on the money front and I need this to cover me in terms of rent >~< .

BTW this in no way effects adoptables as I’ll have those up in few days. 

But for this will put future regular commissions on hold while I do the pages.

Just to be clear if you waiting on commissions from me, this will not effect them and they will be finished soon.

Send all inquiries to ~

Morning reboob~


Anonymous asked:

You post a skype, but you halfway never answer any messages, and it shows that you are online most of the time.

Odd, just keep trying, I would have noticed by now if I had left chats unawnsered. 


i decided to update my commission info now that i’m finishing up the last of commissions from my last wave. i could really use some extra $$$$ (for groceries, clothes, not surviving on ramen and torn leggings, etc), i’m financially unstable and unable to get a job so signal boosts would be really nice ;^;

also please check out these homestuffed adoptables im selling: 

full sizes of examples (in order of appearance) :     

kink list


hello!! please help out a NB person who is struggling financially and cannot work!!

i’m selling these two homestuffed adoptables, and if they go fast then i will also do dave + jade and then alphas possibly


  • theyre HUGE and im pricing them at $25 each for my work and time (also pls fullview for details!!)
  • once you’ve bought them, theyre yours. use ‘em for your sidebar (theyre transparent), icon, roleplay, what have you, just be sure to credit me if you post it anywhere
  • i take paypal as payment
  • to contact me please do not use the tumblr ask system (including fanmail). please do send me an email at if you are interested
  • these will go first come first serve!

i would be really grateful if people could pls signal boost this as well ;^;



My commission prices will be increasing a little on Saturday, March 15th, so until Friday, March 14th, I’m holding a “Last-Chance-Dorks” sale! Your last chance to get prices this low!

SKETCHES: $4 each + $3 per extra character.

LINES: $7 each + $5 per extra character.

FLAT COLOUR: $12 each + $6 per extra character.

CEL SHADES: $20 each + $10 per extra character.

RENDERS: $30 each + $15 per extra character.

All the info you need is right here!

Rebloginating for the day crowd who are all at work right now.


Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job, you're a superb artist, I love your work. I also just wanted to say thank you for all the time you spend on requests~

And I thank you for writing something this nice.

Cant wait to get back to drawing again.


Anonymous asked:

Could you make this mass effect and the girl is an asari? I don't think I've ever seen a mass effect insertion, and I think it'd be hot

Is there a pic your referring to?

Maybe try submitting it ?

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