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With thunderous rumbles, the voracious Baker Girl returns.


((Hi! Sorry I disappeared for a little while, I just felt a bit run down from school and everything and I guess I overreacted in terms of deleting my blog! Anyways, I’m back, and it IS the same Jane as last time, don’t you worry. Anybody is welcome to RP whatever they like, all they need to do is send me a message! Hope to eat you sooooon~<3!))


Anonymous asked:

All right just wanted to know do you take any commissions? (not going to bother reading what's been in your archives you don't make a link towards them). Are you open at this time? Reason why is I would like to purchase something that involves your talents.

I always have been and continue to be so.

Im just unavailable at the moment.I either need to find out a way to work with my tablet or get an entirely new one.

Pricing varies with quality, quantity and themes. Just send a message and we will discuss whatever it is that you might want me to draw.

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